A psychopath? Let’s try to reeducate him..?

It seems there is no limit to stupidity in verdicts of the contemporary British courts. For instance, Daily Mail today reported that a 19-years old teenager who zapped a teacher with a million-volt stun gun and fractured the skull of the teaching assistant who came to the teacher’s aid, received six years in a young offenders’ institution.

I believe there exist today many widely available academic studies that there exist a certain sort of ‘people’ who are born without any ability to feel empathy towards others. These are called psychopaths, sociopaths or newly persons ‘anti-social personality disorder.’ What is important is that they are born such – they cannot be ‘re-educated’ to become law-abiding citizens or cannot be ‘learned’ to feel emotions again.

Although I am only interested in a forensic psychiatry as a hobby, I believe it does not require any wide range knowledge to understand that a person who zaps someone with million volts and then proceeds to smash another woman’s skull did not do it because he just had a ‘bad day.’ No, such person simply thought it might be a good, funny idea and the consequences were of no concern for him. This is not some ‘momentary inclination’ to do something violent, this is incurable psychic disorder. There is an extensive range of people who started their ‘career’ with lesser crimes and then ‘retired’ as serial killers. Some of these names are Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, or Harold Shipman. And yes – many were really happy that they enjoyed such ‘popularity’ and were always proud to respond to their fans’ correspondence from their prison cell.

The sentence of the judge in the above mentioned case of the young psychopath is therefore laughable. The only protection is to never allow those who are diagnosed with such disorder to walk among other people again. The proper psychiatric examination in cases of such violent crimes should be of course mandatory. The educated psychiatrist of course understands that a common psychopath tries to look like a normal charming man and therefore a deeper scan of his background with all details provided is necessary.

As a remedy for all idealistic Liberals who would happily like to start to ‘reeducate’ these beasts, I recommend the CrimeLibrary website with their archive of articles about serial killers who were many times first sentenced for lesser crimes to reparatory institutions as teenagers and only after their release they launched into the ‘serious business.’ The qualified expert in the field is Dr. Robert D. Hare whose PCL-R Psychopathy checklist serves as an important manual in evaluating the psychopathic behaviour [1].

For the readers more interested in the phenomenon of psychopathy I recommend, besides the above mentioned site, the book of Hervey M. Cleckley ‘The Mask of Sanity’ which is a very good introductory reading to the topic and freely available on the internet.


[1] Robert D. Hare, Manual for the Revised Psychopathy Checklist (2nd ed.) (Toronto, Multi-Health Systems, 2003).


2 Responses to A psychopath? Let’s try to reeducate him..?

  1. adam Pollard says:

    Whilst logically sound, i cant help but disagree with the entire premise of this argument. It seems to me that it is quite “idealist” to presume that the alternative suggested would work any better.
    Do we not run the risk of criminalizing alternative behavior in society??? It seems to me it would give society undesirable power over it citizens, potentially locking them away on the grounds they may in the future commit a crime!
    i detect subtle tones in this essay that trouble me, psychopaths are mentally ill but they are still human beings, who has the right or the power to decided there fate anymore than a healthy persons. Regulating such “mandatory examination” seem unworkable and morally dubious.

  2. Stanislav says:

    No, I disagree. For me – and for many others in Europe, I firmly believe – is a human being someone who can feel empathy towards others. If you consider this a fundamental feature of being human, those who do not possess it are simply not considered human beings. Although it might sound terrible, I suggest you to read the given archive of criminology so you can better understand what is the normal behaviour-pattern of such individuals and reconsider exactly your little bit idealist stance towards who you really consider to be ‘human’.

    For an introduction to who psychopaths are I suggest you to read a classic novel by Steinback – East from Eden – where you can find one of the main protagonists – Cathy Ames – as an excellent and vivid example of how inability of psychopaths to feel *anything* towards others influences normal peoples’ lives…

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