A ‘historian’ from Daily Mail publishes a low-cost sci-fi story

daily mail

Daily Mail has published a “historian’s” perspective on how Britain could look like if the  Reform Treaty enters into force. When you finally stop laughing after you read those primitive appeals to fear which the British people probably (justifiably) feel, you can read this sober analysis from EUlawblog which refutes the silly ‘arguments’ made in the Daily Mail ‘warning’ one after one.

As I have already noted in my previous articles, neither Britain nor any other contemporary European country can remain an isolated island when new global superpowers like the restored Russia, India and China emerge. European countries on their own have neither military nor economic resources to remain both culturally and politically sovereign.

Quite contrary, European Union is a possibility for long suppressed minorities like North Irish, Welsh, Catalan, Corsican, Basque, South Tyrol and many others to find their own face, values and way of life in the ‘Europe of thousand flags’ we might strive to build. The way is neither the ‘Europe of isolated nation-states’ based only on economic cooperation (as the British Conservative Party naively proposes), which would only retain the status quo and dispel any possibility for Europe of playing a larger role in international politics, nor the bureaucratic and distanced ‘Europe a nation’ that would destroy any cultural characteristics of European peoples.

Building Europe from below, ‘organically,’ could allow various European cultural groups to organize their own life in their region, retain as much as political control over  as possible and cede their political decision-making rights only where absolutely necessary – that is, mainly in foreign and defence policy.


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