Pavel Telicka discusses further European integration

Today I have discovered a new journal concerned with European issues – Europe’s World. To my surprise I have found there a very concise and sober analysis of the current progress of the European integration from Pavel Telicka, a former Czech Ambassador to the EU and Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister. I only note that this skilled diplomat would have been also the European commissar for the Czech Republic but he was ousted by my country’s political elite that needed a ‘cozy office’ for the former minister, Vladimir Spidla, a man who even did not speak English at the time. This was very unfortunate, because in my Eurosceptics-ridden country, he was on of a few men who possessed both skills and experiences to serve in this function.

telicka_pavel Telicka praises in his article the German Chancellor Angela Merkel who is today, unfortunately, the only person with whom we can today associate the European leadership. Telicka also mentions that other ‘European’ PMs and presidents do not see any incentive why they should become less national and be more ‘European,’ since no clear threat against which they could assert themselves exists.

For such ridiculous populist duo like the Kaczynskis in Poland is therefore much easier to play on the nationalist sentiment of their people instead of explaining the clear benefits of the further European Union integration. Politicians as them, for their lack of a European vision and immediate political gain portray the European Union as ‘the coldest of all monsters’ instead of trying to form the Union through the skilled concerted leadership into what would benefit us all. The European Union can well become a hated supergovernment, but it can also become a harmonic community of European cultures and peoples in which we can overcome the concept of the overdue nation-state (which is today attacked both from above and rightly from below).

Also, there is a very good article from James Rogers on the suggestively called blog ‘Global Power Europe,’ which mentions many reasons why it will be necessary for Europe to unite, if its constituent members want to retain any influence on the international political scene in future.


A ‘historian’ from Daily Mail publishes a low-cost sci-fi story

daily mail

Daily Mail has published a “historian’s” perspective on how Britain could look like if the  Reform Treaty enters into force. When you finally stop laughing after you read those primitive appeals to fear which the British people probably (justifiably) feel, you can read this sober analysis from EUlawblog which refutes the silly ‘arguments’ made in the Daily Mail ‘warning’ one after one.

As I have already noted in my previous articles, neither Britain nor any other contemporary European country can remain an isolated island when new global superpowers like the restored Russia, India and China emerge. European countries on their own have neither military nor economic resources to remain both culturally and politically sovereign.

Quite contrary, European Union is a possibility for long suppressed minorities like North Irish, Welsh, Catalan, Corsican, Basque, South Tyrol and many others to find their own face, values and way of life in the ‘Europe of thousand flags’ we might strive to build. The way is neither the ‘Europe of isolated nation-states’ based only on economic cooperation (as the British Conservative Party naively proposes), which would only retain the status quo and dispel any possibility for Europe of playing a larger role in international politics, nor the bureaucratic and distanced ‘Europe a nation’ that would destroy any cultural characteristics of European peoples.

Building Europe from below, ‘organically,’ could allow various European cultural groups to organize their own life in their region, retain as much as political control over  as possible and cede their political decision-making rights only where absolutely necessary – that is, mainly in foreign and defence policy.

Czechs do not want the American radar

The Czech daily reported today (some information in English can be found from BBC here and here) what has been by no means unexpected – two thirds of the Czechs do not want the US radar on their soil. In addition, majority (75%) of the Czech people would invite the referendum to be held on the question whether to allow the Americans to build their radar – or rather not.american_radar

The radar tracking system in the Czech  Republic should be one of the parts of the American missile defense system in Europe. Neighbouring Poland should host the interceptor rockets.

The problem for us Czechs lies in the troubled past of our country – which had been for 51 years a part of the Soviet bloc and had to endure every whim of the Soviet government. What is now being (rightly) perceived is that we had only changed sides – and instead of the Czechs going their ‘own way’ – they had gone ‘the American way’ – and stepped from one political dominion into another.

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The ‘Reform Treaty’

treaty In June 2007, after a long and heated debate, the 27 leaders of the EU’s nations agreed on the new draft (‘Reform’) treaty which should be finalised in the next few weeks by the established Intergovernmental Conference. This treaty is expected to be signed in October 2007 in Lisbon, and will enter into force before 2009’s election after being ratified by each member state.

Both in daily news and in blogs on the internet the treaty has stirred some furious discussion. Traditionally, the treaty is opposed mainly from the Right (Torygraph here or here can always give you the idea). The British Conservative Party (and other similar parties across Europe, the Civic Democratic Party from my homeland Czechia takes an almost indistinguishable stance) and it’s supporters claim that the British sovereignty is under the threat and that Tony Blair sold Britain to the European Bureaucrats. However, their urges on Gordon Brown to hold a national referendum will most probably come in vain.

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Obama Girl

Have you heard about her? She is the hot chick from the video that dominates the YouTube channel of the democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama with more than 3,000,000 views. It is an excellent example how to lead your presidential campaign. Obama of course does not say that he sponsored the clip, however, we might have our suspicions when it seems quite obvious that his public image will not be ‘hurt’ much. Surely, Obama knows how to lead propaganda. Enjoy the video.