Human intelligence

albert-einsteinI have to thank for this article to my friend Pavel Hait on whose blog I have   unwittingly found the inspiration to write about “human intelligence.”

Few hours back, when reading Pavel’s article, I could not have stop to think whether ‘this’ what he is writing about is really what the intelligence consists of. The question is – can we consider the manual worker or some skilled artisan to be geniuses in their respective profession just we often do in the case of the mathematician or the director of a company?

My friend answered that this is indeed possible by distinguishing various types of intelligence like logical, spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal… and so on. The logical conclusion of such distinction has to be that the artisan can be genius, even if different than for example the artist.

However, the thing that is not taken into consideration is the actual amount of work or thinking that the artisan compared to some ‘boss’ has to do.

Let me explain. The artisan only fulfills the given work. He does not create, the object that he has to create is given to him, just as the plans for a construction are given for the worker who works on a construction site.

In the case of a boss it is different. His work is creative. To lead any enterprise, whether it is actually a company or some project is very difficult. It requires a strong will and relentless sense of determination. One must have an abstract vision of how the enterprise has to be developed. And yes, crucially, one must transform the vision into reality. This, in consequence, also necessitates to show others – your business partners – that your plans, your enterprise, is something to fight for, something to believe – and lastly, something in which could be very profitable to invest in.

Every leader of an enterprise above all has to have strong believe in oneself. Since all steps described above are based on leader’s abilities. If a leader does not believe in himself – if he does not hold passion inside his heart for what he does – he cannot be expected to incite the same passion in the hearts of his companions.

Based on this I do not believe we can compare “intelligence” of a worker to that of someone who is creative in his job. “Creative souls” are those who push humanity forward. They are those who think originally. They do not merely follow some already established pattern. Be it a mathematician thinking about a most time efficient way how to solve a formula, businessman building from dust his own company and having the idea of his product conquering the markets, or a political leader steering the party to next elections – they all posses ‘original thinking.’ They start from nothingness – there is no best recipe how to lead a company or a party. It is the infinite from which a creative soul builds his own success. I believe that it is this “capability of creative, original thought” that has to be equaled with the word intelligence.

The worker might be thus good at how effectively he executes given tasks – but this is not intelligence in the given sense. If we would define intelligence as ‘how effectively one does particular thing’ we could very well say that one drone bee is more ‘intelligent’ than the other one because it works faster.

By this – by no means – I would not like to devalue the profession of artisan or any other worker – I merely want to point out that from the perspective of society – there are those who think creatively and those who are only able to execute, to follow set plans and old patterns. The both types are important, indeed, but without the first group, there would be no ideas from which to build.


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